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      Feel free to browse my website from the links on the side of the page.  I have developed some wonderful CD's that have had great success in helping people to lose weight; stop smoking; relax and sleep; fly in a plane again; go to the Dentist without fear of pain; to be able to speak in public without dread; and a yoga DVD with breathing exercises, poses and meditation

      The methods I have used in many of these CD's include relaxation methods, Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, music that was clinically tested to work as a sleeping pill and visualization.  

 I also work with people on a PRIVATE BASIS,  using NLP, EFT and Hypnosis with the issues that are mentioned with my CD’s, and much more!

I have been extremely successful with WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS in my workshops and  I have a 95% success rate working with people on a private basis with weight loss. I also adhere to a program of no deprivation, eating things you like, but eating them differently and less, as well as incorporating “good choices” that also taste good. Losing weight can actually be fun!!!!

I ALSO have refresher, “Hypnosis for Weight loss”, classes at my place periodically that are less than the workshops and private sessions. Contact me at 402-344-3404 for information on that.

      You can also get information and buy my recently published book "Mirror Images. Is there a genetic link to spirit?" and view some of my paintings that are for sale. Classes I teach and workshops are on the class link.

     I am certified in Hypnotherapy, "Neuro Linguistic Programming" and "Emotional Freedom Technique" and work with people on a private basis,as well as classes and workshops, in helping them to change unwanted thoughts through education and facilitating in these various techniques.

      I teach workshops, and seminars for various organizations and Colleges. I teach classes for:

  • Weight Loss using hypnosis
  • Cessation of smoking using hypnosis
  • Reiki/healing touch
  • Learning body language
  • Hatha Yoga with breathing, poses and meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Techniques to change your unwanted thought patterns
  • Past Life Regression
  • Information for improving physical and mental health

      I recognize that each person has his or her own definition of success. My classes focus on helping people identify and change the things in their life that are creating blocks to personal success. I recognize that different individuals respond to different methods and techniques for personal change. I make sure that I share as much information as I can that will be helpful to a diverse audience.

      I teach several informative workshops that are based around Mind/Body Connections. I share information on research in this area as well as methods to help that mind/body connection.

      I teach many methods and techniques involving Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) , Hypnosis, and more. These methods are effective in changing unwanted thought patterns and anyone can use them. We can then change how we react and respond to our environment using these techniques. For example, these methods can decrease one's fear of public speaking

      Did you know that certain body movements are common to all people? We are eliciting information all the time through our own body language. Understanding body language helps you understand the communications that you are receiving. Knowing what signals you send can be a great benefit in creating the communications you want with people. My Body Language workshop can help in sales, communications, creating rapport with clients, patients, children, working with people, etc. I can customize these workshops to cover the specific area you are interested in whether it be for sales people or interpersonal relationships.

      I will customize workshops, or combine workshops on stress control depending on the area that you would like to focus on. I have many relaxation techniques that are used for stress that are very beneficial. I also have information available on various health techniques. (down below) This is a must for everyone! You will get information on research about the effects of stress on our immune system, illness, heart, and blood pressure. You will learn information and simple techniques to help your body to function better, lose weight, handle stress, improve memory and thinking ability, help with arthritis, blood pressure, help you sleep better and much more. This includes simple things that most people are just not aware of from things to eat, breathing, simple exercises and supplements for the body and brain.

      I am also certified through the Yoga National Alliance and Omaha Yoga and Bodywork Center to teach yoga. I teach breathing exercises, asanas (poses) and meditation techniques. These can be combined with Mind/Body workshops. I teach yoga classes at 2 community colleges and have a studio where I also teach. I am available for private sessions as well as group sessions at any facility in the area.

     I hope you can find something that is useful to you.  Life is not an easy journey and I believe we need as many tools as possible. That is what my company is about.  Please email if you have any questions, and a "real person" will respond to you.


Aubrey Nye 

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